.Catalyze(); engages with processes of autonomous design and fabrication in an exploration of the formal language of 3D printed architecture that is intrinsically tied to the material and environmental properties of its site.

Moving away from urban density, this project proposes a re-population of the most isolated of environments providing a speculative scenario for the autonomous design and construction.

Using multi-agent algorithms and behavioural methodologies, the project in an exploration of how robots might be turned into field designers and fabricators. With a set of carefully designed behavioural algorithms, it works to have a direct relationship with these robots; autonomously generating and fabricating site specific architectural logic and responsive formal qualities.

This methodology has been tested on three isolated, yet radically different, sites: Antarctica, Desert, and Mars. With each site having its own unique set of environmental parameters which inform behavioural codes, the architectural qualities and characteristics are investigated in each, once autonomously analyzed and catalyzed.

Project team: YT. Sebastian Teo
Supervisor: Roland Snooks

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